Our Mission



Equipping women in Africa with locally generated and embraced business skills, mental wellness and community through globally inspired education and support. 


Our Why



There are currently over 44 million people in Ethiopia suffering the burdens of poverty and living a life quite literally starved of access to health, hope and opportunity for a better life.


Our Work


An innovative approach that combines business training videos and instruction with a  personal wellness program which enables women to create and maintain their own self sustaining enterprise.


Support our mission

Your support and contributions will ensure that our women and their families are on the path to a better future - thank you!

$50 provides bulk supplies to five women in the program, and their families, for one month.

$100 support a woman in the program, and her family costs, for one month. 

$500 ensures our team can visit the women for training every week for one month.

Contact us to discuss how a contribution over $1000 can be directly attributed to specific programming and to learn the benefits of such an investment both through its impact on the ground and in the acknowledgement of your generosity.

Please CONTACT US to discuss in kind and capital campaign contributions. 

                   Thank you!

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