The Challenge


A continent living in poverty

 Africa is the poorest continent on earth. Almost every second person living in sub-Saharan Africa lives below the poverty line. Those most affected by poverty in Africa are women and their children.

An estimated 388.7 million people in Sub-saharan Africa live in extreme poverty. 


A crisis in Ethiopia

44% of Ethiopians live in extreme poverty.

 That is over 44 million people suffering the burdens of poverty and living a life quite literally starved of access to health, hope and opportunity for a better life.


The hidden cost of poverty

 A life of poverty drastically increases a person’s risks of chronic and often fatal physical and mental illness, hunger and malnutrition, social isolation and lack of resources or support - all leading to early mortality.

Women in poverty - A social epidemic

Learn more


We encourage you to learn more about the challenges that our community is facing and the solutions we believe will change their future for the better. Below are two documents that we have created to share our learnings .

Organizational Brief


  A simple presentation/overview of our mission, programing objectives and structure including team details.


Organizational Charter


An in-depth exploration into the current challenges, environment and solutions for women living in poverty in Africa. Including a detailed explanation of our proposed solutions and delivery framework.