An innovative, locally delivered - globally supported - approach


Business and life skills training

We have created business and life skills training in collaboration with the women in our programs that address' their educational and social challenges and equips them with the knowledge, resources and self-confidence needed to ensure they can develop a self-sustaining, income generating enterprise.


Local lesson delivery and mentorship

Our local team supports our participants with regular visits, check ins, scheduled trainings and bulk food deliveries while using basic technology to deliver lessons from our global support network.


Globally generated education and friendships.

 Our global team records videos of the essential skills and lessons needed to start small businesses and sends them to our local team who matches them to each participants specific needs and curriculum.

The theory

A new era in Ethiopia


This program is launching at a serendipitous turning point in Ethiopia’s history. With the newly appointed government taking shape we are confident that an organization that is empowering the success of its country’s women will be not only received well by government officials but strongly supported.

A focus on volunteering and social service


 The new government is placing significant value on volunteer activities and is encouraging all citizens to give of their time and money to those in more need than themselves

Our success is highly reliant on the enthusiasm and commitment of our volunteers.

An opportunity to discuss mental health


Though still widely considered taboo, there is a shift amongst younger generations in the discussion of mental health and a willingness to acknowledge these issues. 

Both teams use the tenants of positive psychology to address the pervasive effects of physical and mental health that had not been previously address